Women Voice & Beat

Women Voice & Beat is a meeting of two female percussionists, creating contemporary meaning for rituals and tribes. Singing and drumming are among the primary tools for expressing emotions and intangible states of soul and mind. This project focuses continuously on the creative process, with the aim of establishing one consistent space and plexus of life and music. 

The music of Women Voice & Beat is a fusion of ancient and contemporary sounds arranged for Vibraphone, Bendir and Voices. Jewish songs, Arabic music and North African drumming as well as classical music and traditional Slavic folk songs all contribute to the very colourful background of two female percussionists:

Ayelet Ori Benita and Kasia Kadłubowska.

 Project is supported by Soroptimist International 10629460_670939873021675_3762621232059864743_o

Social, artistic and educational values of the project

It is important for us to share our culture and music with others, especially with young people. This is why our activities include workshops.

Ayelet Ori Benita is a professional therapist and music therapy plays an important role in her musical career. Kasia Kadlubowska is a teacher in the field of contemporary performance and classical music for professionals. Music is the source of inspiration and an element in social interaction.

Women Voice & Beat provides different kinds of workshops focusing on:

  1. music therapy
    based on frame drums and percussion, focusing on sensory–motor difficulties in adults and children
    /for professionals and non-professionals
  2. singing and drumming
    these are basic and primary tools enabling human beings to express and convey emotions and abstract states of mind
    /for all levels, professional and amateur musicians
  3. frame drums and contemporary percussion
    history of percussion, drumming and influences of tribal and traditional drumming on contemporary music performance and composition. Changing focus between academic and intuitive approach to music
    /for percussionist students and professionals


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