Woods of Saturn

Because, in the end, it’s not about bizarre music, but about establishing the bark of life. To immerse yourself in this greenery and be only a luminous being.

One spring morning we dove into forest by the Rhine to the delights of birds and humans. Collaboration with Antonio Pipolo, Özkan Çetinkaya, and Güldeste Mamaç.

Streaming for Polish Radio with Dominik Fürstberger

This was an improvised concert for Polish Radio to celebrate its 85 birthday. I grew up with this station, charismatic voices telling stories about music, composers, and essential or irrelevant things in music, literature, and culture in general. I love the radio. It creates save space and reminds me of long, night, summer car drives with my father when I was growing up in Poland.

Mix & Recording & Cameras & Video Edit – one and only Dominik Fürstberger

Video from Otwarta Pracownia in Warsaw & Wrap up Release Concerts

Working on this solo album meant the world to me. It was a beautiful process of self-discovery that unexpectedly grounded me in profound ways. Now that it’s finally released, I can connect more deeply with others. In music and in general. In this video, you can listen to “Theia,” a track dedicated to the goddess of sight, vision, and light.

Five Sundays arrangement for String Quartett
Video collaboration with Wojciech Pokorski

WHITE LIONS – Solo Album

It was definitely a journey within and into oneself. I can recommend it to everyone.

Go solo for a moment. Be with yourself. Find peace.

EPK White Lions – Music for Vibraphone, two hands and many voices