Duo Project Women Voice and Beat

Women Voice and Beat project is project of two female percussionist from Poland and Israel. This cooperation started at the Tamburi Mundi Festival for Frame Drumming in Freiburg/Germany where Ayelet Ori Benita and Kasia Kadlubowska were invited in Festival Project involving ten female percussionist from all over the world and two dancer.

Duo playes their own compositions for frame drum, vibraphone and voice. Music is a fusion of ancient and contemporary sounds, the dialog between two different cultures and two different musicians. Ancient jewish songs, arabic music and north african drumming as well as classical music and traditional slavic folk songs building very colorful background of  those two musicians.

 Project is supported by Soroptimist International . 10629460_670939873021675_3762621232059864743_o

Published by Kasia Kadlubowska

Kasia Kadlubowska is musician and composer. Balancing as artist between performance, contemporary music, minimal music, conceptualism, improvisation and entertainment music. From one hand slipping away from conventional perception of music and percussion, on the other falling directly and aware into cliches and stereotypes.

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