Kalaschnikov feat. Reactive Ensemble

Project description, technical requirements : KK_feat_RE 

Video : Kalashnikov feat Reactive Ensemble

We are very happy to invite you to Polish New Music Festival in Gdansk
DNI MUZYKI NOWEJ / NEW MUSIC DAYS 2014Kalaschnikov feat. Reactive Ensemble
17.01.14 @ Club Zak, Danzig, PolandProgram:Alvin Lucier – Music for Solo Performer, for enormously amplified brain waves and percussion (1965)
John Cage – Child of Tree, for solo percussionist and amplified plants (1975)
Remmy Canedo – Raving signs, for gestures, percussion, live video & live electronics (2013)
Steve Reich – Pendulum Music for microphones, amplifiers, loudspeakers and performers (1965)
Vinko Globokar – ?Corporel, for one Percussionist, using his/her body (1985)
Agostino Di Scipio – Modes of Interference 3, autonomous feedback system with electric guitars, combo amplifiers, and computer (2007)
Hugo Morales Murguia – Enclosure, for modified cajón and live electronics (2008)Kasia Kalaschnikov, percussion & performance
https://kasiakadlubowska.com/Reactive ensemble, multimedia realization

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