Kalaschnikov feat. Reactive Ensemble

Project description, technical requirements : KK_feat_RE 

Video : Kalashnikov feat Reactive Ensemble

We are very happy to invite you to Polish New Music Festival in Gdansk
DNI MUZYKI NOWEJ / NEW MUSIC DAYS 2014Kalaschnikov feat. Reactive Ensemble
17.01.14 @ Club Zak, Danzig, PolandProgram:Alvin Lucier – Music for Solo Performer, for enormously amplified brain waves and percussion (1965)
John Cage – Child of Tree, for solo percussionist and amplified plants (1975)
Remmy Canedo – Raving signs, for gestures, percussion, live video & live electronics (2013)
Steve Reich – Pendulum Music for microphones, amplifiers, loudspeakers and performers (1965)
Vinko Globokar – ?Corporel, for one Percussionist, using his/her body (1985)
Agostino Di Scipio – Modes of Interference 3, autonomous feedback system with electric guitars, combo amplifiers, and computer (2007)
Hugo Morales Murguia – Enclosure, for modified cajón and live electronics (2008)Kasia Kalaschnikov, percussion & performance
https://kasiakadlubowska.com/Reactive ensemble, multimedia realization

Published by Kasia Kadlubowska

Kasia Kadlubowska is musician and composer. Balancing as artist between performance, contemporary music, minimal music, conceptualism, improvisation and entertainment music. From one hand slipping away from conventional perception of music and percussion, on the other falling directly and aware into cliches and stereotypes.

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