experimental music

Awarness and interest for conteporary music I won while I was doing my erasmus exchange in CNSMD Lyon, with Jean Geoffroy. He introduced me to contemporary music and from there on I completly changed my approach to experimental art and get inspired of the open mind thinking, brilliant curiousity of finding new ways to express music, research sound, composition, performance techniques and concepts based works. Since there on I was lucky to work with different composers among the others with Wojtek Blecharz, Marta Gentilucci, Symon Henry, Remmy Canedo and execute contemporary music in Festivals like Dni Muzyki Nowej in Poland, Novalis Festival in Croatia, Darmstadt, Eclat Festival, ZKM Karlsruhe, Hallische Musik Tage, TonART Festival in Germany etc.

My focus is on the solo works for percussion and live electronics. Biggest inspiration came from my teacher Jean Geoffroy and contiunues growing throug composers like a.o. :
Alvin Lucier, John Cage, Vinko Globokar, Wojtek Blecharz, Jagoda Szmytka, Simeon Ten Holt.

Vinko Globokar – ?Corporel
Kalaschnikov feat. Reactive Ensemble
Alvin Lucier – Music for Solo performer

Wojciech Blecharz – K’an for 130 Sticks and Steel Drum
John Cage – Child of Tree
Symon Henry – Que mon silence portera à son plus petit doigt (Point de départ : l’activiste égyptienne Alia Magda Ehmahdy)

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