White Lions

Imagine you do a run-up.
You run at full speed for a few seconds and jump.
Your spread your arms wide and glide as if on a paraglider.

You are surrounded by silence

White Lions

White Lions is the title of the new CD recorded by Kasia Kadłubowska, a vibraphone player from Gdańsk. The music rooted in ambient, classics, and minimalism is intended for the listeners to use it as a jump-off point, or a trampoline of a kind letting you dive into your own self.

There are six compositions recorded on the CD. They are inspired by the American minimal music trend (to which Kasia Kadłubowska devoted her first CD recorded in a duo with Dominik Bukowski, entitled Transient, DUX 2015) and by the music of the world, or broadly understood folk music. The two seemingly separate styles have come as a great inspiration to create the original compositions for the vibraphone, kalimba, darbuka, and vocals.

The starting point of the compositions recorded on the White Lions CD are their minimalist forms, looping motives, and mantras. The artist has shown her tribute to her roots in the classical music in her two unconventional arrangements of compositions by Henry Purcell and J.S. Bach. ‘I try to redefine classical music and find a new place for improvisation rooted in classical music rather than jazz’.

There is a place in Kasia Kadłubowska’s classics for improvisation and free compilation of the cultures of the world and the so-called high culture which together form a unique collage of sounds.

White Lions are stories locked up in music. They include both stories telling a clear plot, and supra-sensual travels deep into one’s self and the spiritual, psychological, and metaphysical corners of the human soul. The music serves as a bridge between the visible and the invisible.

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